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Dark Carpentry: Chapter 10

                         Chapter 10

                    The Showdown

Despite working on his new hammer Will had shown up at his usual time. The white van slowly pulled up to the site, cautiously. It was still dark. He paused, looked at the cross necklace hanging from the rear view mirror and then looked down at his flashcard.
He tightened his brow and allowed his eyes to dilate to the darkness as he visually probed the black portal within the house. It seemed darker then ever before, he opened the door and his feet hit the dirt. It was extremely silent not even crickets were making sounds. He walked slowly towards the entrance. The enemy would see him coming no matter what angle he approached.
Hand on his hammer, he yanked it out of its holster and pulled out a flashlight out of his left leg pocket. The darkness wrapped around his back, swallowing him whole.

* * *

Chris woke up begrudgingly at five o’clock. His body rebelled against it, like it did years ago when he his in basic training. He dropped back into bed to sleep for half a minute, then got back up and landed his feet onto the ground. He slowly sat up and stretched. He looked around at his mom’s stuffed animals. Mickey, Minnie and fifty others peered back. His feet hit the floor and he went through his usual routine. He sluggishly brushed his teeth, combed his hair, got dressed in his khaki shorts and t-shirt and finally walked out the door

* * *

Will’s eyes saw nothing wrong with the site, but his instincts told him the opposite.
At the corner of the colonial he spotted a silhouette of what looked to be the big spiky mane of Pete’s. “Pete, where’s my daughter?”
The shadow moved in response. His slightly pudgy face seemed to form through the fading moonlight outside. He looked past Will with his is jaw was down and mouth slightly open.
“I’m sorry Will, but I couldn’t help myself,”
“What did you do?!” Will roared.
“I just couldn’t fucking help myself.”
“What I tell ya about swearing? Now, where the fuck is my daughter?” Will replied, breaking his own rule without realizing it.
Pete smiled, “Heh, y’know, it’s funny to hear you swear. Especially after all these months.” He sniffed into the air like smelling a sweet fragrance. “I smelled her, smelled her sweet blood. I couldn’t resist. It smelled like honeysuckle.”
“What did you do? Where is she?!”
“I had to take her down below, to the master.”
“Master? What are you talkin’ about? Look, you’re not getting a raise. In fact you’re fired brotha! You’re no brotha now, brotha.”
“I’m sorry Will, I couldn’t help myself. She’s down there.” Said Pete as he pointed his finger to the floor deck.
Will shot Pete a glance then shone his flashlight down the steps, he pulled his stake hammer out of his right hip holster.
“Step aside,” Will scolded. Pete obediently followed his bosses instructions with a grin. Will walked passed him keeping his eyes straight forward.
“You better wipe that smile off your face too.” Will slowly descended into the darkness.

* * *
Chris got into his Pontiac 6000 and backed it out of his drive. He rubbed his eyes, yawned and then pulled up and out of the lot.

* * *

As soon as Will got to the bottom of the dusty basement, Pete boarded the opening with a long wide flat board. After the last nail went through the it, he howled like a wolf at the full moon and his light blue eyes glowed.
Will looked above at the covered stairway and shook his head in disgust. “He was never paid his worth,” Said the detached voice from the right corner of the black basement.
“And no severance pay!” Pete’s muffled voice came through the boards.
A green glow came from the bottom corner as well. Faith was held in place with a firm hand around her neck with the left part of it exposed. Long taloned fingernails grasped around her milky neck next to the man’s drooling mouth. The man looked hairy around the sides of his face almost like he was part beast, part man. Slowly the hair fell from his face and he took on a more human look. Faith was barely struggling partly because she knew it was hopeless and partly because somehow it all felt exhilarating to her.
The man or thing that was holding her looked elegant in a black pinstriped suit. His Long straight hair gelled back. Will didn’t really care about the details at this point, all he knew was that somebody was harming his daughter and that person or thing would pay. His heart palpitated at the sight of this fiend but he’d been mentally prepared for the image of this moment. Much like some star athletes he had visualized it before his prayer in his garage.
His next move would be instinctive but he still approached it one with caution, and total concentration. The protective anger burned in his heart was his fuel for his next action.

* * *
Drago smiled with his two-inch huge fangs, protruding from his mouth.
“You never finished my home.”
He wasn’t prepared for this statement and his hand and muscles relaxed slightly.

* * *

Chris finally pulled into the dirt parking lot.
He double checked the passenger seat to make sure he had everything he needed, hammer, nails, chalk, etc…
He looked up and saw a very quiet worksite. There was silence as he approached the dark house. He saw Steve sitting in the dirt, leaning against the deck with his head tilted down. Blood ran down his face, arms and chest. His t-shirt was ripped open. Chris ran to him.
“Steve? You okay? I guess that’s a stupid question,” said Chris.
“He’s a sorry sight but he finally gave what he’s worth. Too bad it amounted to only three pints of blood without the alcohol.” Said Pete sucking his tongue.
Pete walked out of the shadows to reveal his pupiless white eyes. Blood was smeared all over his face. Huge fangs protruded from the top and bottom row of teeth with his bottom set being slightly shorter. He snarled and smiled hideously showcasing all the teeth in his mouth. At this point he looked more animal then man. His mouth and face were somewhat sticking out like a wolf but with his long spiky hair he looked more like a giant porcupine. “Which is more then I can say for you!”
He approached Chris with long claws in each hand.
Chris instinctively grabbed his hammer as a weapon. He wasn’t sure how much damage he could do, but he was willing to try. Somewhere in his subconscious he figured he could buy himself more time, the sun would be up very soon.
“I don’t know why Will hired you. You fucked everything up! Now, I fuck you up!” Pete leaped high into the air at Chris, he was way higher into the air then a man of his size and stature he had a right to be.
He fell onto Chris pinning him down by his shoulders. Pete’s fangs snapped at his face like a snarling dog. His putrid breath and disgusting saliva dropped onto Chris’s chest.
All those push-ups Chris did in the Army finally payed off as he hoisted Pete away from his face. Pete also snapped at Chris’s wrists and forearm like a mad dog.
Chris looked left to right trying to find anything he could as a weapon, but most of what around him was dirt. He hastily searched his tool belt. While holding off Pete with one arm he grasped his hammer from his belt. Once again, Pete leaned in closer towards Chris’s neck. Chris shot his arm from underneath Petes’, rose it above their heads to gather momentum on the downswing.
The hammer shot down onto his Pete’s head. The round metal bulge caved part of the top of his head.
Pete howled and flailed his arms waving near his head, somehow finding the strength to get to his feet.
Chris suspected a kick to his stomach would do no good do he immediately struck him with a powerful step-up sidekick to the ribs. He had practiced this move from his Karate class at Central Forest. Pete grasped his side but somehow found the strength to pluck the hammer out of his head. He instantly roared in pain as a fountain of black blood shot out of the wound. Two inch fangs shooting out all four corners of his mouth. The roar sounded like half pain and half insane bloodlust.
Chris stood ready let’s apart feet forward with his hands next to his face, holding nails between his fingers and ready to strike.
Suddenly, he heard a load thwack, like wood hitting and cracking against a giant slab of beef. That beef was Pete’s back. A massive 3x6 broke in half and knocked him to the ground.
Ted’s chest rose and fell. “Just cause you were a couple minutes late, don’t mean he should take it out on ya, geez.”
Chris smiled and exhaled, relieved he didn’t have to go toe to toe anymore with the monster of a man. “Thanks!”
Ted briefly walked past Pete’s face. Pete suddenly awoke from his brief slumber as his pupil-less eyes opened wide, along with his enormous, venomous fangs. He grabbed Ted’s ankle and Ted struggled to free himself from his grasp.
Chris knew he only had a few seconds before Ted was bit. He ran to the splintered piece of 3x6 and hoisted it above his head like a hammer strike. Just one concentrated strike, he thought, just like Will had taught him.
Pete briefly locked eyes with Chris as his arms flailed and saliva spat everywhere. “You’re still a worthless, dumb kid. How do you expect to kill me if you can’t even do the job?” It said.
“Y’know, the Army taught me a saying…” the first rays of sunlight peaked over the hill and beamed onto Pete’s face, frying it in patches. “What makes the grass grow?”
Pete looked at the horizons and spotted the first bit of sunlight. His eyes instantly smoked and seemed to catch on fire. his skin bubbled and smoked. He screamed in intense pain.
Ted winced at the surreal and terrible imagery he was witnessing. The bloody puss, smoking thing now looked at Chris in anger and hatred.
“Blood!” Chris yelled. It’s face burnt off and green, white and red ooze shot out of his mouth. He hissed and Chris could tell that even through all the pain he was still full of anger.
Chris brought the massive wooden stake plank down upon Pete’s heart, cleaving into the rib and loose flesh. “Blood makes the grass grow!”
Black blood and green ooze shot out in a grotesque spray all over Chris. Pete’s body erupted in flames.
Chris’s chest pumped back and forth. Ted’s eyes widened, then he smiled, motioned his fingers brushing across his forehead. “Ya got a bit of his fat on your face,” said Ted.
Still in shock, Chris instantly shook his head to try and shake the flesh off his head.
Ted chuckled a bit, laughed. “Just kiddin partner.”
“Gross!” Said Chris shaking his head. He wiped some of the dusty charred flesh off his body, but some of the blood didn’t come off.

* * *

Will stood slightly shocked at the newfound revelation that he was about to face off against the owner of the house. A second or two went by and he regained his composure. Owner or not, This guy had his daughter and was about to kill her. The fact that this was the owner only added to his anger.
“So you were the one who changed our blueprints eh? I wouldn’t have admitted that if I were you.” Said Will, waving his stake hammer towards Drago.
“This would’ve only been the beginning to my beautiful empire.”
“Any you choose Chestertown Michigan huh? Maybe you should’ve aimed a bit higher.”
“America was The New World to us no matter which part of it we lived in. During the war we were abolished by Van Helsing, moved to France but he tracked us there too, so we had to cross the pond and now here I stand. About to give birth to a new generation starting with your daughter.
“What a minute fella, Van Helsey was a real guy? Geez, guess every story has a nugget of truth to it.”
“And the truth can be stranger then fiction, it trumps it every time. Now, where was I?” Drago said his mouth widened as his teeth cam down upon Faith’s exposed neck.
In actuality, Will didn’t really have much of a plan at this moment and was relying on his instinct and faith that God would show the answer when the time came. He could see light from the window above Drago’s head. It would be a hundred to one shot but he had to do something.
He launched the hammer at Drago’s head. He ducked and it smashed against the small window portal. A slight crack in the window allowed a ray of sunlight to shoot into the back of the creature. This had worked more or less like he intended.
As the vampire felt the beam of sunlight blaze into his back he loosed his grip on Faith.
Will took the small opportunity and made it bigger as he ran at the monster, tackling him to the ground. That was where Will’s advantage distinctly ended.
While Faith continued to be in a semi-concious state, she backed away from the fight. She leaned against the wall in a daze.
Will dropped an elbow onto the creature just out of pure anger. He punched Drago across the face several times. Will smiled more and more after each strike. Drago caught Will’s clenched fist and squeezed it. Pain shot up through Will’s arm and Drago. He then grabbed Will’s belt and with its incredible strength and thew him up into into the ceiling.
Just above the wooden deck, Ted and Chris looked down at the wood. Floorboards jumped up after the pounded thud. Snapping after a couple of Chris’s small bridgework boards with his back, Will promptly fell to the ground on his belly almost knocking the wind out of him. The vampire grimaced. “I could’ve had my home here, assimilate, but you had to take forever!” Drago kicked him in the ribs.
“Dad!” Faith screamed, seemingly breaking out of trance for a brief moment.
The vampire smiled while it looked deep into her eyes. She tried to shake off his gaze but her hear eventually aligned in his direction. “Come, Faith, I want him to watch while his fleeting life leaves his body.
She was still hesitant. Drago smiled bent down and scrapped Will’s head with his nails. The blood collected on his nails like a small reservoirs.
He put the finger to his mouth, sucking the blood off with his snake tongue. Faith stared at him mouth half open, entranced.
“Come girl, let me give you eternal life on this earth.” Drago said as his head jiggled in and out, up and down like a lizard.
She fell back into trance with the words and hypnotic head movement. He mouth slightly open she walked towards him. She stopped and almost seemed to break out the trance again.
“…decide to walk with me, forever. I’ll show you my dark secret.” Drago smiled.
Faith walked towards him. “I promise you, I will treat you well, my sweet angel so help me Jesus,” the vampire said while fanning his long fingers towards himself. “Do ya, wanna die?”
Faith was now face to face with the black-haired Drago. She turned her neck to the left, exposing her neck to him.
“Ah, that’s it, be my angel.” His huge shiny teeth shone in some of the light filling the basement from above. Chris and Ted’s hammers were prying the boards opened with their hooked ends. Ted then used the rest of his weight and jumped down onto it with both feet, breaking through the boards. He fell and rolled down the steps like a rag doll.
Drago laughed hysterically. “Never since Chaplin have I seen such a comedic entrance.”
Ted knocked himself in the head a couple times, but the big man was able to shake it off and concentrate just enough to spot Will knocked out and lying on the dirt floor. His niece was about to make out with the slicked hair man in the three piece suit. He got to his feet and but stayed crouched. Looking at the fiend he had…no plan at all. He looked to his right and spotted a small wood sliver, barely the size of a small dagger. It looked more like toothpick then a stake.
Drago laughed briefly. “That was very elegant, you come to wrestle me? Drago said.
Ted, slowly scooped up the wood splinter and held it in front of his fist and held it tight. “Haah!” He yelled as a battle cry.
The vampire bent over laughing some more. He waved Ted in with his fingers. Ted yelled again and rushed the creature head on. He went for a tackle and an overhead swing with the small wooden weapon in the air. Unfortunately, he didn’t even come close to pulling it down for the death stroke.
Drago bent backwards and tucked his hand and arm under Ted’s armpit and threw him off balance, hoisting him off his feet and over the vampire’s back. He landed on the ground back of the head first. He shook off the pain and was gonna get up quickly Drago brought his brute strength down upon Ted’s face, nearly cracking his skull and definitely breaking his nose as it quirted blood at Drago’s face. Drago rapidly licked it off, then winced. “Um, hmm, eck, Budweiser. I find American ale repugnant.”
Drago stopped and sniffed his nose. Will slowly started to awaken.
Drago picked Will up again and tossed him into the wall like he had only weighed twenty pounds. He held out his arm and hand for Faith’s. She walked forward once more if being pulled by a lasso around her hips. Will was waking up but still a little sleepy coming in and out of consciousness. “Do you wanna die?” The vampire asked Faith.
“…yes…” she said in a slight whisper. Her neck was now completely bare and exposed.
He dug his fangs deep into her neck. She gasped with her eyes wide open. He immediately sucked her blood into its mouth. Swallowing like a starving animal.
Will could only see two blurry images in the darkness silhouetted against the slightly lit background. Pain continued to trickle all over his head.
“Hey!” Chris stood at the end of the basement, he held a metal T-square reflecting the light from the stairway into the vampires’s eyes. The top middle part of the T had been extended with a sharpened wooden stake nailed and duck taped to it. In a crude way, it now resembled a cross.
Drago immediately withdrew his fangs and yelled in pain as the sight of the cross reflected a beam of sunlight. He was in pain but he was also strengthened by the girls blood. It tasted innocent and sweet and it had been many years since he tasted blood like that. His eyes pierced through the dark with small but somewhat bright orange and red pupils. Small black spirals twisted and turned within them. Crimson blood was all over his mouth, nose and cheeks. His face was one of crazed bloodlust. He paused and smiled, “Finally, the dreamer makes his entrance! I’ve been waiting for you.” He gulped and swallowed the remaining part of Faith’s blood down his throat. It seemed to re-energize him with confidence and focus. Faith slightly moaned as if still physically connected to the creature, in a way she was. He stopped to take a step back from Chris’s t-square cross. “Whooh, you’re faith is strong, childlike but strong still..unless you become like children…”
“…you will never enter…the kingdom of heaven.” Will struggled to say. Drago turned his head at Will and smiled. “Exactly!”
“you must have the mind of a child, just to believe such nonsense! This is the real world son, do you really think Genesis happened…” Drago snapped his fingers, “like that?”
“Well, you’re standing here being a vampire, so yeah why not?” Chris replied.
Drago eyebrows lifted as to agree with him. He took another step and felt a needle-tingling effect of a invisible barricade. He smiled, “good thing your classmates woke from their brainwashing…you chose to stick with it! What a good little pilgr…”
Chris quickly stepped up and with his hand firmly around the hilt, he launched the stake at the creature like a spear thrust. Drago instantly dodged out of the way. Chris swung the t-square left to right and he dodged again. The beastly fiend quickly scratched Chris with his left nail but he didn’t feel it. His adrenaline was in overdrive. Chris picked up the metal cross and placed it in from of his face in defiance. Drago scowled and stepped back. If I could only get the creature pinned to the corner of the wall I could…Chris thought to himself. Suddenly a sharp pain invaded his mind. At first, it felt like pain but mostly it felt like an intrusion, like something had entered his head, looking through his eyes.

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Dark Carpentry: Chapter 9 - You Just Do It

                       Chapter 9
                 You Just Do It

The light in the garage shone down the front of Will’s body and caused a glowing halo effect seen from behind. He was in his usual work garb, blue t-shirt, Khaki shorts with cargo pockets. He strapped on the furry, leathery, brown belt with a bit more purpose during the early morning.
His eyes weren’t focused on what he was doing, it was all muscle memory. His thick calloused hand grabbed a handful of nails and just before he placed them in his belt, he thought of an idea.

* * *

He opened the kitchen cabinet and his hands searched through canned food. He paused, for a few seconds, shaking his head in defeat. His right hand went over his brow, rubbing his eyes. He exhaled, then his eyes widened and shook his head again quickly. He opened the cabinet door next to the refrigerator.
The spice rack! He thought out loud. He spun the rack until it suddenly stopped it when the front spice bottle was garlic. He allowed himself a slight smile then his eyes shot at the door that held the bowls. He took out a bowl and shook a bit of the grainy garlic into it. He stopped sprinkling, took the black plastic cap off the garlic bottle “Ah, what the heck.” He dumped the whole bottle into the bowl. Now was not the time for a light touch.
He went back into the garage with the bowl in his hand.
He dumped two to three handfuls of nails into the bowl filled with garlic water. Will stood above the bowl and put his two right fingers to his head and both shoulders. He closed his eyes and said a silent prayer. Several minutes passed He wiped his right eye then loaded a cartridge of nails into his nail gun and loaded a new compression canister. He put the rest of the nails into his front pouch and buttoned it up. Every nail counted this time. As usual, his favorite hammer, hung on the wall. On the handle the words “The Crucifier” were etched into the dark blue handle. He snatched it off the protruding prongs and whirled it around like an old gunslinger about to enter battle. Just before he dropped the hammer in the belt loop another epiphany came to him. He stood, faced forward, and looked up at the lit wooden cross on the wall. He allowed a wrathful idea to wash over him, looked down at the hammer in his hand and allowed himself to smile.

* * *

Will donned plastic goggles as he cut into a two-foot wood 2x4 block with a band saw. He had to be quick about this, no time for perfection. It had to be crude and effective.
After spending a good hour sharpening the end into a point he blew off the sawdust. He held the the wooden handle and his focused blue eyes looked down a the wooden spike-tip. No, it wasn’t perfect but it was good enough for now. He took out his metal hammer from the holster loop and the wood handle easily and smoothly fell into the loop hole. He felt a kind of holy blessing wash over him armed with new weapon and an honorable sense of purpose. Somewhere in his being he felt that he has always meant to construct this new tool. He felt like his father, grandfather and great grandfather were watching him with pride, guiding him, giving him their blessing.
Like Excalibur was to King Arthur, this new Crucifier was Will.
Next, he put on his silver cross necklace, a gift from his late father. It had passed from generation to generation. Where had it originated he wondered? He had no clue, all he knew was that it was here for him to act as a kind of shield. It also reminded him of how physically exposed his neck was, so he went to the garage closet, grabbed an old blue and red scarf and tied it around his neck. It was complete with a blood red cross sewn on it resembling an old communion cloth that went over the shoulders.
He rolled a padded car stool over in front of him, kneeled, folded with leathery hands and silently prayed once more in front of the wooden cross that hung on the back wall. Several minutes passed.

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Dark Carpentry: Chapter 8 - The Visit

                     Chapter 8
                  The Visit

Later that night, the full moon lit the white panels of Will's two-story colonial home. Will donned his blue robe and pink bunny slippers that his wife loved to see him in. At first he’d despised them but as days went on, they made him feel even more comfortable though he wouldn’t admit it out loud. He sat on the living room couch and drank some hot tea from his #1 Dad coffee mug. “So, what do ya think of my crew?” Said Will while winking his left eye at Faith.
“Yeah, the whole two people! Where’s the rest of them?” Smiled Faith.
Will sat back relaxing his shoulder onto the couch. He already had a slight beard after shaving it off earlier that morning. “Pete’s still sick in the hospital. Missing Steve too, not emotionally but physically. The man’s not there, we think he went A-wall but that isn’t like’em,” he took a sip. “Juss me, Ted and the new guy Kiss…The Lord’s help is more then enough, but with that guy working for us, I’m not sure.”
“Oh, Chris. He was the cute one right?” Said Faith smiling as she opened the fridge to get a bottled water.
Will looked directly at her and took another sip. It’s own defiant silence was his answer.
Rebecca smacked Will on the arm with a newspaper, she donned a red robe as she put her long brown hair in a bun. “Come to bed William.”
“Well okay,” said Will like a little kid being forced to bed before his bedtime. He dropped the green tea on the small table, stood up and followed his wife to the bedroom.

* * *

Later that night Will and Rebecca were sound asleep. He tossed and turned. His eyes suddenly opened to a small thud on his bedroom window. He got to his feet putting his fluffy pink sandals on his feet. He went to the window. The bright moonlight beams shone into the floor of the room. He peered down and spotted Pete, looking up at him. Pete stood, looking pale under the moonlight but attentive, his trademark sunglasses were off since it was night time. He looked up and his eyes glowed a bright blue which gave off a strange otherworldly glow.
For some reason, Will’s instincts told him to keep the window shut. Apparently the hospital let him out…at three o’clock in the morning? He lazily checked his digital clock.
“What eh, they let you out of the hospital?” He asked, rubbed his right eye and peered down.
“I’ve never felt better Will! Hey, I need to talk to you, it’s about work.”
He looked down at Pete for several long seconds. He would let him in, but something seemed wrong. A deep part in his psyche screamed no! What could be wrong with this whole thing, besides it being three o’clock in the morning?
Pete’s eyes continued to glow blue under the full moon. “It can’t wait until tomorrow brotha? You didn’t even call me.”
“Sorry Will, my cellphone’s at home. Give me a break, I just got out of the hospital.”
“Yes, you did!” Will gave a slight smile. “I’ll be right down.” Said Will.
As he made it out of the hospital. He had looked so pale though and different. He still felt he was in the middle of a dream, the darkness seemed to flick on and off. The moonlight shined through the window and seemed like a spotlight someone had purposely set up for the occasion. It sparkled. The trees waved like in slow motion. It all didn’t seem real.
He made it to the door. Time seemed to slow as he approached it. He opened it.
Pete stood directly in front of Will grinning.
“So, what couldn’t wait until tomorrow?”
“Can I come in?” Asked Pete.
“Will waved his hand. C’mon in, the doors open.”
Pete slowly walked into the kitchen. He stopped inside the doorway. He seemed dirty, a little taller then usual and slightly imposing then he had a right to be Will thought. “Thanks.”
Will leaned against the counter by the fridge. “Have a seat.”
Pete slowly pulled the wooden seat back and sat. Will yawned, opened the cupboard and took out a packet of tea, plopped it into his Number One Boss mug, filled it with water and put it in the microwave, heating it for 60 seconds. “You sure you still don’t need to be in the hospital?” Will turned his head to Pete with a hint of a chuckle.
Pete looked straight at him, smile on his face. Hands at his sides. “I’ve never felt better!”
“You want a coffee for your early morning?” Asked Will.
“Too early for me.” Pete replied.
Will slowly walked to the table and sat next to his co-worker. Under the table light he really noticed how white pale Pete’s face still looked.
“You uh, you look kinda pale.” You eating right? Vitamins? A, b and c? I got some Sunny-D in the fridge.”
Five to ten long seconds went by as they stared at each other. It might’ve well been five to ten hours. Both wouldn’t back down from their stares. The microwaved beeped.
Suddenly Pete roared with laughter.“J-j-just having a good time Will! Loosen up! It’s all good!”
Will’s natural reaction was to chuckle and he would if it was anybody else then Pete. The phony sense of humor was uncharacteristic of him. Something was wrong. He sipped his tea.
“Nah, I made it out of the hospital and y’know what? I fell great! Like a thousand bucks! Y’know what I did last night? I worked on the site. I mean I went right there, I felt so good, so revitalized!”
“You worked off the clock? At night?”
“I couldn’t help it. I know we’ve been behind because of me, sorry about that, by the way.”
“That’s okay brotha, you earned it…and now that I think of it, now I know why there was some more Tyvek up when I came in yesterday morning. I’ll need ya to write up your hours for that, time in and time out.” Will said the last part on automatic boss pilot.
“Eh, don’t worry, it’s free of charge.” Pete replied.
“Well, I’m glad you’re okay. I might as well stay up now.” Will quickly lifted his bulky forearm and looked at his silver cross wristwatch. “I’m gonna pour some coffee.” He stood up and turned to his counter table. He opened the cupboard to gather the rest of the coffee grinds. “Hey, you haven’t talked to Steve have ya? He’s been MIA for the last three days,” he turned around and Pete was gone.
Will stood still, a bit shocked but still composed staring at the dead center of the chair. He slowly sipped his coffee.
He found it odd that absolutely no sound was made shutting the door. Maybe there was something in the tea. He made his way upstairs. He noticed that the door on his left was open and could feel a slight draft. He figured he’d take his time to check up on his daughter, finally home from college. The door was open a crack, he slowly opened the door to quickly spy on her sound asleep.
His adorable little baby, all grown up into a college adult woman. His heart fluttered as his parental feelings took over. It also broke because, she knew that a lot of women her age would marry soon. Soon, no more sleep overs at father Will’s house. He tried not to entertain the thought of any man taking her away from him. Deep down though he knew he would have to let go. She had a lot of attention from a lot of boys. The endless conversations about them while on the phone with her friends proved that. Heck, even that Chris kid snuck a peak. He supposed she could do worse then him, then again maybe not. His mind wrestled with the idea.
The bed sheets were all tossed around and they reflected the blue light of the full moon outside of the window. She had been tossing and turning the whole night. He was just about to go back to his room when again, a deep sudden fatherly instinct shot in around his heart. He halted his next step and slowly reversed his walking, his heart skipped a beat, like when narrowly avoiding another car on the road.
Why was the window was open?
He opened the door the rest of the way stepped up to the folded sheets resembling her thin human hourglass figure. “Faith?” His hand pressed down on the bump of the folded sheet and it collapsed. His heart would thump hard once the visual message reached his brain. Time slowed again and the moonlight shone a spotlight on the bed where her body would be. He leapt over the bed and to the window.
Nothing, nothing but green grass swaying under the sinister light. His heart almost shot out of his chest as it screamed in the form of a loud beat.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dark Carpentry: Chapter 7 - Steve's Missing

                       Chapter 7
                Steve’s Missing

“Hey, Steve’s missing,”said Will, after pounding some nails into the wooden board. He stood up and looked around at his crewman. Ted, stood up as well, raised his shoulders then returned to pounding nails into the floorboard. Will looked around and did a body count in his head.
Chris pounded some more Tyvek onto the wall. All he could think about was Lucia. How her blue eyes washed over him like the ocean, how her blond hair shone like the sun. How easily love and lust equally swished around in his head.
The love link he felt for her had been strengthened, then destroyed by his boss. He felt anger, he felt regret, he felt…stupid for not reminding himself that she was some kind of monstrous creature he had only seen in vampire movies. He was still in shock over what happened, Nobody would believe him, not even his mom or family.
Will walked around the corner of the front of the house, his dark Oakley shades covering his eyes from showing any emotion. He spotted Chris and slowly walked towards him, then looked up at the Tyvek board that he was finishing up on.
“Hey there Gunga Din, you alright?” Asked Will.
“Am I alright? I found out that we had a vampire in the friggin’ basement that posed as a girl I liked and then she tried to kill us! You ask me if I’m alright?”
“Well, you don’t have to pout about it…yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalm twenty three verse four,” Will held up his hammer, then his t-square.
“Look, I’m sorry if I’m a little shaken up by all of this, but it’s crazy!” Replied Chris.
“That thing looked like a pretty girl? I think you have to re-access your standard of beauty. That slobbering little stinker almost killed me!” Will pointed to his chest.
“It didn’t look like that to me. It looked like…Lucia.” Chris said with his head down. Will noticed the sad visual indicator and sympathized on a small level. Years before he met his wife, He let himself get strung up over a girl once or twice, to deal with the heartbreak he would get high and drive his old mustang real fast while his friends in the passenger seats cheered him on. He suspected Chris wasn’t that way, no siree. Chris was a few things he didn’t like but that was not one of them. He saved him by throwing him the imperfect wooden splinter stake. He thought it funny that the one thing he thought was imperfect had been the perfect weapon to kill the abomination, a perfect stake. He shook his head over that fact and was grateful.
“Will!…your wife’s here!” Yelled Ted looking down at his brother from the roof.
Will quickly waved his hand at the end of the house. “Juss’ keep doing what you’re doing, juss’ faster alright?” He quickly turned around and sped off towards the front of the house.
Rebecca and his daughter Faith were standing in front of the house. Will walked up to his wife. “Hey honey.” They hugged and quickly kissed. Quickly, he hugged Faith and kissed her on the cheek. Her eyes spotted Chris down by the side of the house hammering away. “Gonna see what your dadda does at work?” Said Will, his trademark shades now resting upon her hair.
Faith locked eyes with Chris, then she peeled them away, “Um, sure.”

* * *

In the distance and out of view. Renald peered through his dark shades and watched the family reunion, grinning.